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All incisions are made by your surgeon as well as "docking" of the robot and insertion of the desired surgical tools. 

Once the above mentioned steps are completed, the surgeon will sit at the 3D monitor/console to complete the main portion of the surgical case. 

After the repair has been completed the surgeon will scrub back into the case and will remove all instruments, undock the robot and remove the access points. All incisions are then closed by the surgeon. You are then awoken from anesthesia and transferred to the recovery area.

Laparoscopic robotic assisted surgery has increased the number of patients who are eligible for minimally invasive surgery. As it is a new technology there are many common misconceptions. 

A robotic surgery set up involves a:

1. Surgeon console

2. Energy tower

3. Robot (surgeon controlled tool)

Confront Disease.         Educate Patients.          Restore Health. 

Please contact our office to discuss whether Laparoscopic Robotic Assisted Surgery is right for you. 

When you have robotic surgery, that does not mean that a robot does your surgery. At Sierra Pacific Surgical, you will meet in consultation with your board certified or board eligible general surgeon who will be performing every aspect of your surgical procedure. The robot is an additional tool that will allow your surgeon to offer you a surgery with:

- Better visualization

- More precision in movement

- Quicker Recovery

Confront Disease.         Educate Patients.          Restore Healt​h.