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Genetic Testing

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Genetic Testing services offered in Roseville, Carmichael, Folsom, Grass Valley, Sacramento, CA, and the surrounding areas

Your genes provide a wealth of information about your health and risk of disease. The team at Sierra Pacific Surgical serving Roseville, Carmichael, Folsom, Grass Valley, Sacramento, CA, and the surrounding areas, has partnered with Ambry Genetics® lab for genetic testing and counseling. Genetic testing may show your risk of developing serious diseases like cancer, so you can take action early. Learn more about genetic testing at Sierra Pacific Surgical by calling the office nearest you or scheduling an appointment online today.

Genetic Testing Q&A

What is genetic testing?

Genetic testing involves looking at your genes, or DNA, to see if you have inherited genetic variants. Some genetic variants may increase your risk of developing a certain disease; other variants may benefit your health.

Diseases tend to run in families. But not all members of the family get the same disease. Genetic testing provides more insight into what factors put someone at greater risk of illness.

Sierra Pacific Surgical works with Ambry Genetics labs for genetic testing. They offer in-office testing, genetic counseling, and database storage.

What conditions can genetic testing detect?

Many people choose to have genetic testing if they have concerns about hereditary cancer. Certain genetic variants are linked to types of cancer like breast cancer, ovarian cancer, and colon cancer. 

Ambry Genetics centers on four disease categories for genetic testing, including:

  • Hereditary cancer
  • Inherited cardiovascular conditions
  • Rare health conditions
  • Hereditary neurological conditions 

Genetic testing through Ambry Genetics determines if you carry specific genetic mutations that may increase your risk of developing certain diseases or conditions.

Am I a candidate for genetic testing?

The ideal candidate for genetic testing is at risk of or has been diagnosed with a hereditary disease. Knowing your genetic risks for certain health conditions or diseases may help you or your loved ones improve how you manage health now and in the future.

Genetic testing also provides insight into how these medical issues may affect other members of your family.

What can I expect from genetic testing?

After scheduling an appointment at Sierra Pacific Surgical, you get a text survey from Ambry Genetics. This survey includes questions about your personal and family health histories to help assess your degree of risk.

Ambry Genetics uses risk assessment tools and criteria to evaluate your answers and determine if you’re eligible for genetic testing. If you’re a candidate, they send a saliva kit to your preferred Sierra Pacific Surgical office. 

Your provider at Sierra Pacific Surgical takes your saliva sample and sends it to the lab for analysis. When your test is complete, the team explains the results and additional testing or treatments if necessary.

You can also talk to one of the genetic counselors at Ambry Genetics.

To learn more about genetic testing, call Sierra Pacific Surgical or schedule a consultation online today.